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·Con el aire cortado el hierro (2002) (With air cutting iron)  (2002) 

Sound installation with electroacoustic and instrumental music, inspired by the work of sculptor Eduardo Chillida and designed for its outdoor museum Chillida Leku.
Premiered on 13 August 2002 at Chillida-Leku (Hernani, Spain).

“I wanted to fill with music the space created between sculptures and nature, between sculptures and the sky and between sculptures and ourselves.
The outdoor museum was equipped with a sound system that allowed the listener to always remain connected with the electroacoustic music: the electroacoustic music represented the unity of the large space, Chillida Leku. I chose a number of sculptures for their musical qualities and identified for each an instrumental ensemble or a soloist, that seemed to translate their inner qualities: 4 cellos for the sculpture "Lotura", a harpsichord inside of  "Consejo al espacio VII", 3 horns for "Buscando la luz"...
The sculptures are sufficiently distant from each other so that each ensemble recreated with the tape an independent universe which identified the musical
personality of the corresponding sculpture. A universe that, of course, merged into the global space of the museum. The listener thus created his own concert according to the path he chose to follow from one sculpture to the other according to his own desires, but he always remained connected to the unity of the sculptural work by the electroacoustic music.”
Prize « Encounter between the Arts" awarded by the Foundation Eduardo Chillida in 2002.  

Cycle of songs on poems and thoughts of Eduardo Chillida  (2002)
Cycle for soprano and piano
Premiered at Chillida Leku museum on 13 August 2002 by Susan Cerro (soprano) and Rie Goto (piano).

·Fogata (2003). Electroacoustic, poems (Roxana Páez) and video (Stanislas Kalimerov). Maison d'Amérique Latine de Paris.

·Buruntza (2004)

Concert-exhibition in a stone quarry (with the large scale paintings of Santiago Ydañez).
Created for the 65th Quincena Musical de San Sebastian on 28 August 2004, Buruntza quarry of Andoain. Three pieces premiered:

a) Aura (2003) : 20 '
cello, electroacoustic tape.
For two dancers, inspired by a polyptych (8m x 2m) of the painter Santiago Ydañez representing the image of an epileptic fit.
Cello: Alexis Descharmes, dancers: Alain Despres and Igor Calonge.

b) Structures of the vacuum (2004) 13'29
electroacoustic tape.
“The vacuum in quantum physics is physically empty but virtually full: microscopic fluctuations of virtual particles dance in what we understand as empty. Sounds produce feelings of emptiness and the full, what is absent and present.”

c) Buruntza (2004) 33 '
male choir and electroacoustic tape Coro Easo (direction Xalbador Rallo)

“This piece expresses the dialogue between the stone of the quarry and man (portraits by Santiago Ydáñez). Its hymns and lamentations are part of a ceremony in search of the timeless secret of the mountain. They are also an attempt to make the stone sing and find its inner lightness.
The 4 episodes sung by the chorus are inspired by Greek tragedy. The text is a combination of phonemes created from the names of Basque mountains, which creates a primitive language outside of our benchmarks, and still familiar to our ears.”


·Hendeduras sobre un alba ( 2006) (Crack of dawn)

Sound Installation, electroacoustic music
Created at the First Biennial of the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata (Almería,Spain)

Artwork inspired by the salt mines (Salinas) and the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata in Almería (Spain).
“A crack in space between land, sea and sky. A crack also in time, hovering forever on the border between night and day.”


· Musique pour l’atelier Vassort (2006) 4’29

Sound installation, electroacoustic music 4'29
Workshop of master watchmaker Gilles Vassort, Loches, France. September 16, 2006.

From recordings of clocks and watches made in the workshop.
“I wanted to travel through the matter and the mechanics of clocks and immerse myself in the cosmic nature of the workshop with the desire to convert time into space.”

·Haiku (2007).

Miniature piece for cello solo, 1’50.

Commissioned and played by Alexis Descharmes. Cité de la Musique de Paris.

·Homenaje al Peine del viento (2007)

Sound installation for txalaparta and electroacoustic music 28’
Txalaparta: Oreka TX
Commissioned by the City of San Sebastian for the 30th anniversary of the "Peine del Viento” (Wind Comb), a group of three huge iron sculptures by Eduardo Chillida clinging to the rocks overlooking the ocean in San Sebastian.

“My composition is a dialogue between the iron, the wind, the sea and the horizon. I wanted that the wailing wind and the iron overlap and integrate each other as a communion between the tangible and intangible. A meditation facing the sea horizon that circumscribes the elements.”



·Grieta-Crack (2008)

Musical composition for the installation "Escape" by visual artist Aldo Chaparro. Premiere: Luis Adelantado Gallery - Miami (USA).  November 30-December 30 2008



· Through the horizon ( 2009)

Sculpture and sound installation, Studio Charlot (Paris)


· Hormen arteko oihartzunak-HAO (2009)

A concert that combines the cesta punta, music and dance in the Jai Alai fronton Jostaldi (Hondarribia, Basque contry), August 28.e. + info

TRAILER HAO-Hormen arteko oihartzunak


· Música que venga... (2009)

Composition for a modular set of 50 saxophones, soloist (Iñigo Ibaibarriaga) and electroacoustic tape.
Commissioned for the First Basque Day meeting of Saxophone -Saxatak-.

Concert designed around the exhibition "El tiempo que venga" (Curator: Daniel Castillejo) at the Artium Museum of Vitoria (Spain)



·Sound installation for the Museum Chillida Lantoki in Legazpia. (2010)

Multimedia installation for two simultaneous video screens projecting in loop images of the photographer Francesc Catala Roca
This former factory is  now a documentation centre on the work of Eduardo Chillida recreating his studio and the forge where many of his works were produced.


·Electroacoustic compositions for video-creations of Elena Asins (2010-2012)

12 sound compositions for videos of the artist Elena Asins (Spanish National Prize of the Arts, 2011) presented in the exhibition "Fragmentos de la memoria"
Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid (June-September, 2011).




·« Menhirs. (19´) »

electroacoustic composition ( 19') for the video installation in the exhibition “Encuentros tardíos " by Elena Asins  at the Koldo Mitxelena Cultural Centre in San Sebastián (June-September 2012).


· Three Kyoto gardens_  2013 and following

A set of electroacoustic compositions dedicated to some of the outstanding Kyoto zen gardens

I. Tōkai-an (2013)

II. Daisen-In (2014)

III. Shōkoku-ji

· Music for "Genesis" (2014)

Genesis is a documentary on the life and work of the artist Elena Asins, directed by Alvaro Gimenez Sarmiento



· Meditations for a metaphysical box (2015)

Three meditations for solo cello composed specifically for the meditation room at Iesu church in San Sebastian built by the architect Rafael Moneo.
112 individual concerts from 9 to 15 September 2015
Cello: Clara Muñoz del Guayo / Rodrigo Sámano

“An encounter between a room, a cello and a single listener.
A white room, with unusual dimensions: 7mx8m base and a height of 30 m.
An empty space without any ornament, a great stillness that invites contemplation. An exceptional and very unique place due to its unusual reverberation.
A box where light and sound dialogue.
An empty space in search of the silence inside of us, a silence that leaves us alone with the music to be.
A metaphysical box.”


Elogio de la luz XX and  Besarkada  (2016) 
Two sound installations for theexhibitionSonoridades-Brizmienia” of Eduardo Chillida in Galeria Awangarda BWA - Wroclaw (Poland)
Commissionned by Wroclaw 2016: Europe Capital of Culture in 2016.

1. Elogio de la luz XX.   17’52”
Sound installation (dedicated to Pilar Belzunce) created for a single marble piece. The matter and shape of this sculpture release a silent vibration that pervades the viewer. The elements which I retained for the music are the multiple dualities: alabaster/light, matter/void, rough/smooth.  A work inspired by the light which appears to stream from the raw material and its silent architectures. The"sotto voce" spaces dug inside the block of alabaster, which appear to be sanctuaries of light, bring an atmosphere of recollection which I tried to build into my music.

2. Besarkada.  38’12”.
A basque word which means “an embrace”. This sound installation establishes a dialogue between the iron sculptures in the room and the space in-between. 

Curators : Inés Ruiz Artola  / Ignacio Chillida