Press release / Nota de prensa

Escape is Aldo Chaparro’s (Lima, Peru, 1965) new work. Its title introduces us to the idea of abandoning a certain place, breaking free from confinement or from a controlling power. The idea of escaping implies a dislocation, a movement and action that deny a previous condition, searching for a better situation, either physical or mental.

Structured around three pieces, Escape also deals with the antinomy inside/outside, suggesting that the ‘outside’ dimension is so much integrated and active in an interior space that it prompts an endlessness of the exterior in the interior and viceversa.Therefore, the different variations of this ‘escape’ (being it a verb, ‘to escape’, or a noun, a means of getting away from something or somewhere) determine an eternal development of this work and of this concept, transforming it in an endless and constant evasion.

First work of Chaparro’s Escape trilogy:
it consists of a long, narrow opening on a wall through which one can see a black pyramid made of acrylic, containing thousands of white LED lights. These lights are connected with an audio piece specially composed for the effect by Gorka Alda, an electroacoustic composer who researches the relations between matter and space through his practice. The reflection of the LED lights onto the black, shinny surface of the acrylic generates an endless reproduction of the original luminous spark. This effect enhances the deepness of the entire structure, as it is perceived from the external observer. There is a clear tension between exterior and interior: on one hand the physical access to the inside of the installation is denied and we can only look at it from a fissure; on the other, it seems that everything is happening in its interior, with all those small fiery particles that are thrown off from the light sources in an endless twinkling effect. The Escape proposed by Chaparro is an invitation to a constant disquietude. A dialectic dialogue between an inside that is more external that any outside because it is pulsing and vibrating with energy, almost about to explode.